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Packaging Audits | Packaging Analysis | Paper Grades Evaluation

Packaging Audits
  • Packaging AuditsConsultations over the phone and in person (we will come to your location)
  • Look at your current process of packaging
  • Advice and ideas for optimal packaging product selection
  • Custom designing
  • Pallet handling and packaging process
  • Load Stability
  • Inventory Reduction - We can calculate how much inventory you need to keep and supply you with "JUST IN TIME" delivery so you can save on warehouse expenses and storage
Packaging Analysis

Packaging AnalysisYou might be using packaging that is not appropriate for your purpose. We can test and analyze your products and reduce your cost by offering a better solution that costs less, while delivering the same or better performance.

Each product is different and depending on your industry, we will do specific testing to insure you get the most appropriate packaging for your product.

We will:

  • Test your product in a Certified Laboratory
  • Provide you with an in-depth cost analysis to find out if you are overpaying
  • Run Humidity Control and Product usage Condition
Paper Grades Evaluation

You might not know all options you can use to package your products...

Key thing we analyze:

  1. Paper Grades EvaluationHow much weight goes in the box?
  2. If stacked, what is the max quantity stacked on top of each other?
  3. Is the product unitized on pallets? If yes, does the finished unit (unit being a finished pallet) hang over the edge of the pallet?
  4. Will the finished unit be shrink wrapped?
  5. Will the finished unit have corner boards?
  6. What is the atmospheric condition of storage once packed-out? Example:  Open air covered, trailer, warehouse closed?
  7. How will the units be moved around in your facility? Example: Clamp truck, pallet jack, forklift?
  8. How will the units be delivered? Example: By truck, train, boat?
  9. Will the units be delivered to a storage warehouse and distributed from there, or direct shipped?
  10. What is the maximum transit time?