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About Us

IC Industries forms lasting business relationships by adhering to our first and foremost commitment - to SATISFY THE CUSTOMER… because every customer is important to us. Every customer's packaging needs are different, and at IC Industries you will find a solution tailored to your requirements:

  • Responsiveness and fast turnaround of your order
  • Reliable, on time supply
  • Superior, consistent quality & customer service
  • Best possible price

At IC Industries, we’ve set out to create our own unique place in the South Florida market. It’s why we push ourselves way beyond our comfort zone. It’s why we are continuously pioneering new manufacturing technology so brilliantly effective that some of the world’s top corrugated manufacturers are following our lead. Inspired and humbled by all the great box makers that come before us, we are eager to prove ourselves to our customers.

For over 35 years, the IC Industries family has consistently responded to customer needs by offering premium-quality, corrugated products with the industry’s quickest manufacturing and delivery service available in the area. To guarantee our policy of continuous improvement, our state of the art equipment, together with a trained and motivated workforce enable us to strive for excellence within our manufacturing field - capable of producing over 60 million square feet of corrugated boxes each month.

Responsiveness and fast turnaround of your order

Need help with your packaging? At IC Industries we understand that choosing the right packaging for your product is important. Our experts will assist you in every possible way to decide on the right solution. This includes not only the quality and innovative design of the box, but the quantity of boxes you will need to order for your production schedule. We understand that you may have limited space to store your packaging, and unlike many of our competitors, can offer the option of smaller run quantities. Have the high volume orders but limited space? Look no further. We can offer you warehousing just for in time deliveries.

Reliable, on time supply

Within deadline... Within spec... Within budget... Without problems!

Superior, consistent quality & customer service

Whether you are an experienced cardboard user or need some friendly experienced advice, you can be sure we can cater for your requirements. IC Industries will work with you to increase your profit through smart solutions. Any quantity - you buy only what you need, saving money tied up in stock and storage space.

The best possible price

The lean manufacturing operation that we operate enables us to provide highly competitively priced corrugated packaging solutions to all market sectors.

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